Monday, August 16, 2010


poster for our YOUTH group in BCMC pampanga. 8D
the launching of JAM.
Inspired by RIN COLLYER! ahha. <3 you rindrops. :D

ms.Kylie Salas asked me for her version of the above art. :)) 
soo... i tried my best. but was too sleepy. ><
sorry kylie..

another version of.. ME. in a wedding dress

someday... i WILL marry YOU
august16,2010 morning.

hope you like it. :D

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


because i love cows and cow prints all of a sudden. :))

and because i like milk...
even if i can't drink 'em.

-kopi august 4, 2010

the collection review :]


[i dont smoke. :D not addicted to it. :D]


so i made this logo thing.
please help me improve by posting a comment for suggestions. 8D
i would really like to improve

oh btw, imma use this as a watermark on everything. so, yeah.
comments please. 8D

SNEAK A PEEK on my little red notepal.

during our last day in Singapore, we killed time playing games and taking pix from that booth. :)) i dunno what it's called. @ timezone.
[RIN, COFFEE, ANNA] - sorry panget drawing. :|

left picture: the wednesday before we went to Singapore. :> drank too much coffee.. i got so jumped y jumpy. :)) and it was my  6-9 class.:P

right page: the  CG OVERDRIVE trip was a BIG BIG BIG WOOOOOOOOW for me. :))
and i learned A LOT. i mean, i got inspired. 8D but it also made me think. :)) bout stuff.

left page, draft for ANIMSOUND "who am i" activity. :)) it's the, "why do you like being an animation student?" and "why you dont like being an animation student."

right page, wednesday class, i waited for Kira/migs at SDA LOBBY.
i dont have any companion... so i got my red buddy, and we played. 8D

left page: was waiting again. >< and globe sucked tonight... haiy.
right page: i ordered pizza... and ate it for like an hour and a half waiting. ><

sample drafts for my logo. :)) was killing time last night. :P

so this is somewhat what i liked. what do you think?

she's supposed to be little red riding hood dark side. :))
saw in a book.
but she scares me. a little.