Saturday, July 31, 2010


Stephanie Aguirre decided to
not go to school...
and make a digital painting or sort of like that...

btw.. she's not my character, she's Nymphora from Heroes of Newerth~a dota-based strategy game in 3-D.


i used:

adobe photoshop Cs3 from my mastersuite collection,

a "print screen"ed photo of this hero, for side reference

i just started digi painting.. well.. today. :))

i started a long time ago, but i never finish anything.. this is my first time,, waaaaaah.

i know it sucks, i have plenty of things to improve on... comments?

ay. yung abs nya..ginagaya ko kasi si chabibi. :)) HAHA jouk.

then a friend of mine told me to make her shiny.. :D so i did.
but UNLUCKILY. i already deleted my raw i was like editing above the compressed file already.

see? i used BURN and DODGE a lot here. :))
forgive me. a product of my FIRST time. ><

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